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Fee Structure

Accommodation rates are determined at an annual rate and modified on the first of March, based on inflation and adjustment to market rates etc. The Kalahari Research Trust reserves the rights to modify the rates at any time, and will give notification on this to Principal Investigators (PI) and researchers.

Each project pays for their own volunteers, while independents pay for their PI’s, researchers and assistants. Invoices will be made out by Karin Krüger-Jubber,

Kalahari Research Centre (KRC) has two locations for accommodation.

  • Rus & Vrede (RV)
    • The main location on the reserve housing all meerkat and molerat volunteers, and depending on availability, all visitors related to these two projects.
  • Gannavlakte (GV)
    • The location for the Cape Ground Squirrel project and independent researchers.

There are two categories of accommodation:

  1. Block room
  2. Flats, Cottages and Rondavels

1.    Room Allocations

  • Availability of rooms can be checked on
  • Reservation of accommodation can be done through the Kalahari Research Portal
    • Please note this reservation has to be confirmed by Walt Jubber through e-mail. If your reservation still shows pending on the portal before arrival, you will have to enquire about the availability via e-mail.
    • If you require transport to the KRC, verify seat availability and dates of Town Trips before making a reservation
  • Enquiries can be made to Walt Jubber via e-mail:
  • Please ensure reservations are made well in advance for planning purposes
  • Volunteers, students or assistants will be allocated Block Rooms, either at RV or GV
  • Post Docs will be accommodated in the RV Farmhouse stoep room, otherwise will be accommodated in the block rooms.
  • Principal Investigators (PIs) and senior visitors (e.g. parents) will usually be allocated rooms in TCB’s/Marta’s house (RV) or in GV rondavels or flats. If these are not available they will be accommodated in block rooms.

2.    Visitors

  • Volunteers/ students/ assistants / PIs / researchers may share their room with one visitor for up to 7 days free of charge depending on the availability of extra beds/mattresses.
  • Visitors should not stay for longer than a week without permission from the Reserve Manager (Walt Jubber). Visitors staying longer than a week, will be allocated their own block room, apartment room, cottage or rondavel.

3.    Accommodation Rates

  • Room rates include a charge for access to the KRC.
  • Independent students and assistants working on one of the habituated populations (Meerkats, Ground squirrels Babblers, etc) will also be asked to pay a contribution to the relevant project and must arrange this with the project PIs.
  • For long term PIs, Post-docs and assistants there are two options
  • A and B (see below). The reserve fee paid as a lump sum and lower accommodation rates (Option B) can be requested from Marta Manser.
  • If any damages to property or equipment occur the Kalahari Research Trust reserves the right to charge an administration fee and remuneration for the damages done.
Accommodation Rates for:(*All rates are VAT incl.) OPTION A:All-inclusive daily rate. (Including reserve fee) OPTION B:Reserve fee paid as lump sum + lower rate accommodation
Researchers, PI’s, students, assistants–          Flats, cottages and Gannavlakte rondavels

R 590.00 pp/day
A central fee negotiated with Prof Marta Manser R 210.00 pp/day
–          Block Rooms R 475.00 pp/day R 170.00 pp/day
Visitors –          Flats, cottages and Gannavlakte rondavels R 590.00 pp/day No Option
–          Block Rooms R 475.00 pp/day No Option
Friends or family of volunteer / student / assistant Visitor
These rates only apply when the guest shares a room with the person they are visiting.
–       First 7 days
–       After 7 days (prior arrangement needed)
R 240.00 pp/day No Option

4.    Other general rates

Item Charges (*Incl. VAT) Description
Full Communal Meals R110.00 pp/day Includes breakfast, basic lunch and supper:
Half Communal Meals R55.00 pp/day Includes supper only
Transport to or from Kathu / Upington R 490.00 pp/trip Subject to availability and priority is given at all time to Meerkat Project, Molerat Project and Squirrel project.Booking on these trips is mandatory, contact Walt Jubber
Internet use R 85.00 per gigabyte Satellite internet
Fuel Fuel price calculated at present purchased fuel price per litre + 2% for transportation Fuel costs are determined monthlyDiesel and Petrol on site – structural Petrol usage needs prior arrangement with reserve or logistics manager.
Vehicle usage Enquire logistics manager regarding rates AA rates are applied, subject to car type and availability
Equipment Rental Enquire logistics manager regarding rates Rental options are available for Radio, GPS
Pendragon data-entry system usage Enquire with Tim Vink or Marta Manser for accurate rates Base rate for licence is R2000 per user per year.